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Writing Is Timelapse

Writing is Timelapse

Look up at the clouds. Do they move? Do you see the sunbathing hippo up there? In an hour it’ll be something else, perhaps a crocodile with an upset tummy.

Clouds move, but their movement is hard to see.

Set your camera to timelapse and point it up at the sky for an hour. Clouds don’t just move, they dance across the sky. It’s an everyday parade impossible to see without timelapse.

An hour’s worth of photos taken at five second intervals are stitched into a movie allowing us to see the sky in motion. Timelapse gives us something we all need. Perspective.

Humans are not equipped to see the clouds in motion. Timelapse makes it possible to perceive the imperceptible.

So do stories.

What timelapse does for the eyes, stories do for the heart.

Pain, loss, love, desire, and nostalgia, they are constants, but our understanding of them is not. A dark cloud menacing the ground with hard boiled rain does not invite staring. Most just want to get out of the rain.

Timelapse show us what the cloud is, what is was and what it will do.

Stories do the same.

Show me something impossible with your words. Show me something I can’t understand. Make sense of loss. Give meaning to memory.

Shape a life into a cloud and let us imagine what it might mean.

Lucky Penny Catch

Lucky Penny Catch writes stories for people who like stories about growing up, going to school and throwing up when you hadn't planned and throwing up. Author of the "How to Open Milk" book series and creator of the Graphicless Novel.

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